Ultra Brasil Festival Preview

ULTRA Brasil | A Unity Travel Certified Review

From Miami to Hong Kong to Ibiza, Ultra Music Festivals have amazed music lovers all over the world. This year Ultra will be back in Brasil, or Brazil as Americans like to call it. And this time it will all go down in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro!

Ultra has repeatedly been referred to as the best music festival company in the world. Anyone who has attended an Ultra festival is sure to tell you the same. Ultra has become iconic all around the globe for its over-the-top performances by the biggest names in electronic music.


Who Hosts it

The event is hosted by ULTRA Worldwide, which is currently the largest independent electronic music producer in the world.

Ultra Music Festival has quickly grown from a one-night party on the beach of Florida to an international music festival phenomenon.

Since the first Ultra took place in 1999, the company has grown to house festivals all over the globe in countries such as Spain, South Africa, Tokoyo, Argentina and Thailand.

ULTRA International is run by music enthusiast, Russell Faibisch, who founded the company seventeen years ago.


When it is

Ultra Brasil will take place this year October 14th and 15th.
October is actually right in the middle of springtime for Brasil so the weather is perfectly ideal for an outdoor festival. Typical temps for October range from about 69-82 degrees, so plan on bringing a light sweater for when the sun goes down. October is a very rainy month in Brasil, but a little rain wont stop a beat at this hot festival. Just picture yourself dancing in the rain on the beach with thousands of smiling festival-goers all around you, doesn’t sound bad at all!


How to get to Brazil / Where to Stay

People from all over the world are very excited for Ultra to be back in the incredibly vibrant country of Brazil.

Getting to beautiful Brazil for Ultra is easy with Unity Travel. Full travel packages will be available that will make planning this once-in-a-lifetime trip simple and fun.

Unity travelers will be staying at the Arosa Rio hotel. This hotel is close to the festival grounds for Ultra Brasil, which is located right on the beach. The hotel is in the center of the city of Rio de Janeiro so it will be easy to find things to do and places to party nearby when you are not at the festival.


Getting to ULTRA and Shuttles

The Rio Arosa Hotel is just a few blocks from Flamengo Park, the venue where Ultra Brasil will take place. There will be a shuttle to and from the festival each day provided for Unity travelers. The shuttle ride takes only about 20 minutes and will pick up festival-goers from their hotel. Taking the shuttle is an easy way to save money and make sure you get to the right place quickly and safely.




So by this point you get it… Ultra is huge!

In order for it to be as big as it is, the festival needs a lot of space. Space for stages, rides, vendors and space for you to dance of course. Taking up almost 300 acres of land right next to the beautiful Guanabara Bay, the Flamengo Park is the perfect venue for an Ultra event.

Expect to see music-lovers from all over the world at this festival. 65,000 people registered for the presale alone, so get ready for the biggest party in South America. Prepare to be surrounded by about 100,000 attendees who have a passion for music and travel just like you!



VIP ticket options are available for those who wish to attend the festival either just one or both days.

VIP ticket holders will have access at the festival to special entrances, premium bar and food services, separate restrooms, elevated viewing areas and a private dancing area right in front of the main stage.



The crowd at Ultra Brasil will be a very diverse mix of festival-lovers. People from all over South America and the rest of the world unite together to share a love of music and wanderlust at this event. Ultra Brasil is half priced for locals of the area so it will mainly be full of people from Brasil who will be speaking a mix of English and Portuguese. It’s sure is a good thing that music is the same in every language.

There will also be a lot of dedicated ravers in attendance who have made Ultra Brasil a top priority on their bucket list. It will be easy to connect with other travelers at the festival who are willing to share their amazing musical experience with you.



Inside the festival it will be easy to find refreshments from any one of the many bars and food vendors that will be serving all day and night.

There will be plenty of traditional Brazilian food available inside and close to the venue. Brazilians are known for eating a lot of rice, beans, spicy soups, seafood and believe it or not, pizza.

There will of course be alcohol available inside the venue. While in Brasil you have got to try their traditional alcohol, which is called Caipirinha and is extremely strong and sweet. Brazil is also famous for their exotic fruit juices that are sure to refresh during a long night of partying on the beach.


Things to Do

Rio de Janeiro is a huge city full of natural beauty, colorful parties and historic cultural influences. The exotic beaches are well known for big waves that attract surfers from all around the world.

While in town for Ultra Brasil it would be silly not to spend some extra time exploring the incredible city.

One of the top tourist destinations in Rio de Janeiro is the statue of Christ the Redeemer that overlooks the city from the top of Mt. Corcovado. Tours are available to get you to the top of the mountain and let you take the pictures that are sure to be the envy of all your friends.

Sugarloaf is another popular mountain in the city and is right next to the festival grounds. From the top of this mountain you will get a full panoramic view of the city and the Atlantic Ocean.

Brazilian natives are known for their love of food, music and dance. If you enjoy these things as well, you will not be bored while visiting the magical city of Rio de Janeiro.


What makes the Festival Different

What makes this festival different from any other is the full travel experience that it provides. Not only will the music performances amaze you, but the location will take your breath away. Experiencing live music with people from around the world who want to feel alive and connected through music is an experience unlike any other.

Ultra has set the standard for EDM festivals, and taking the event to Brasil has only made it bigger and louder.


Overall Rating: 10/10 MUST ATTEND!

Ultra Brasil is one epic festival that will undoubtedly top any expectations. Ultra may never make its way back to the beautiful and exotic city of Rio de Janerio so this festival really is once in a lifetime.

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