Top 5 Highlights at FreakNight

5 Highlights at FreakNight Festival

5. No Conflicts

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Every music festival goer knows that they will have to make many sacrifices and compromises when it comes to which performances they get to see. Sometimes you just have to pick one artist over another, other times you opt to see a little from each set. Either way, it has become a necessary evil at music festivals and raves alike.

Being that FreakNight was only 1 day this year, and that their lineup was STACKED, I was afraid of this conundrum. To my delight, conflicts were minimal, and the way that the venue was set up, it was easy for me to travel between stages, so even when I was rushing, I didn’t miss much.

It’s clear that the fine people at USC took a lot of consideration planning out the set times and what would satisfy the audience.

4. The Venue

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I could not have asked for a better venue than the WaMu Theater. Where do I get started?! The prime downtown location, the majestic views of CenturyLink Field, and the ease of traveling from stage to stage. I was worried how USC was going to pull off having 3 stages under one roof without a lot of noise pollution and interruption. Each stage was located in their own corridors and everything went off without a hitch!

3. Adventure Club

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Adventure Club are Renaissance Men of EDM. The way they effortlessly groove from dubstep, hip-hop, and house, their set kept the audience lit and on their toes. Honorable mentions: Justice’s funky disco set, and a grooving performance by MALAA,

2. The Costumes

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The best part about Halloween is that it’s an opportunity for ravers to go all out. The creativity, diversity, imagination, and (in some cases) work that came into the costumes that attendees wore to FreakNight blew me away. As far as I saw 100% of attendees dressed up and that’s why ravers are the best!

Some of my favorites include: a gender-swapped Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny, A very realistic Corpse Bride, all of the Disney Princesses and David Bowie/Prince costumes, just because I’m a huge fangirl.

1. The Production

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To no surprise, USC killed it again. The stage set ups, the lights, the carnival rides, the go-go dancers, the photo booths, the drink selections. USC once again, gave the Pacific Northwest an incredible Halloween weekend.

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