The Truth About Day Of The Dead

The Truth About Day Of The Dead


With Halloween weekend festivities over, it is now time to reflect on the wonderful weekend. There are plenty of articles out there talking about DOTD, and how many arrests and tough security was and so on, but let’s shed some light on things.

Day of the Dead was fantastic.

First, the sound was perfect. HARD took into consideration what everyone was saying after Hard Summer, and they improved the sound 100%. A new aspect of the festival was that all the stages were indoors. This was something that people either hated or loved, but personally I thought it really worked for the event.

Now the media was not wrong when they pointed out the amount of arrests that took place at the festival. There was a lot of security and a lot of police officers there. But is that really a bad thing? I don’t necessarily think so. HARD is being held accountable for what happened at Hard Summer, and it paid off. There are no reports of any fatal incidents at DOTD, and majority of the arrests that took place were from people trying to use fake ID’s to get into the event.

Something that HARD really pushed before the event was the fact that there would be no beer gardens. This was fantastic. There were bars inside the warehouses of some of the stages, which made it convenient to not have to miss a beat. It was great being able to enjoy a drink while listening to my favorite artists, and not restricted to whoever was playing at the stages with beer gardens like previous years.

Lastly, the music was phenomenal. There were a wide variety of genres for everyone’s needs. Between the two days, some of the stages were hosted by All Gone Pete Tong, Night bass, and OWSLA. Since HARD only utilized the warehouses at the venue it was really easy to move around from stage to stage and see everyone on the must-see list.

From a business standpoint, it is unfortunate that the event was so small and did not sell out. But from a festival-goer standpoint it gave the festival a really exclusive vibe. Overall,

Day of the Dead was one for the books!



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