Sunburn Music Festival Preview

Sunburn | A Unity Travel Certified Review

Sunburn, being the largest music festival in all of Asia, brings the biggest names in EDM to the beautiful beaches of Goa, India. Sunburn is a festival where culture, music and paradise coexist.


Experiencing Sunburn is about more than just the music. It’s about finding yourself surrounded by a whole new culture with music lovers from all around the world.


Who hosts it

Sunburn Goa music festival is hosted by Percept, a huge media company in India that has a variety of outlets including movie and music production and is headed by musician Shailendra Singh. This year will be the 10th annual Sunburn festival and is sure to be bigger and better than ever. What started as a small electronic music festival in 2007, Sunburn is now the hottest dance music party in all of Asia.


When it is

This incredible festival takes place over New Years weekend this year. You might be used to battling the cold conditions of winter in order to celebrate New Years, but in India, New Years is in the middle of the summertime. So this beach destination will be the perfect place to party all day and night!


How to get to Goa/ Where to stay

Goa is a state in Western India along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Goa is known for its beautiful beaches, all-night parties and tropical vibes.

Goa is a place of rich history and exciting culture as well as its modern and growing nightlife.

It would be a mistake to travel all the way to the exotic India and not see more of its beauty. There are many dream tourist destinations in and around Goa including elephant rides, hikes to waterfalls and ancient ruins to explore. India is full of natural beauty and cultural experiences.

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Camping for the festival is available as well as luxury hotel accommodations.


Getting to Goa and Shuttles

Getting to Sunburn Goa is easy with Unity Travel.

There will be a shuttle provided to get you from the airport to the festival grounds. A Unity Travel agent will contact all travelers personally before their trip to make sure they know exactly where they need to be and how to get to the festival quickly and safely. Unity will also assist travelers in getting all the necessary travel documents, so all you need to worry about is what you’re going to wear and how many pictures you’re going to take!



Sunburn takes place on Candolim Beach in Goa, India, which is one of the longest beaches in the state. Last year the festival held 350,000 attendees and saw performances from 120 artists. This festival is guaranteed to be the biggest beach party you will ever attend!



VIP ticket holders will have access to VIP enclosures inside the festival, fast passes to enter the festival grounds first, and elevated viewing areas at the main stage. VIP ticket holders will also have free access to all Afterburn after parties for the whole weekend.



The crowd at Sunburn Goa will be unlike any other. Aside from being a huge international gathering of people from all cultures of the world, sunburn festival-goers are sure to be true electronic music lovers who see music as a way of life. The attendees are not your typical ravers, they are people who are looking for magic in music and have been struck with wanderlust.

Since Sunburn features such big names in music, it is sure to draw a huge crowd of true music fans from across the globe looking to dance the night away in paradise.



Food at Sunburn is easy to find but might be hard to choose from. With food options coming from every corner of the world, it might be difficult to decide if you want to stick with your everyday cheeseburger or try some exotic and delicious new curry dish. Being in a tropical location, you might even be tempted to try one Sunburns refreshing and cold fruit smoothies.

Sunburn is very well known to have great drink options at any one of their large bars. It will be easy to keep your body and soul nourished at this festival.


Things to do

Sunburn festival is much more than music. This three-day festival is the perfection combination of dance, entertainment, food, shopping and relaxation. The festival features a large flea market full of hand-made Indian goods that cannot be found anywhere else. There are also several activities such as fire juggling, rock climbing, slippery football, spa treatments and massages.

The location of Sunburn alone is sure to provide an eventful weekend. When you aren’t seeing your favorite artists on one of the venues large stages, you can easily spend your time relaxing on the beach or trying something new!



What Makes the Festival Different

Being on the tropical paradise coast of India surrounded by music fanatics from around the world is sure to make any festival attendee feel that they are in another universe. Perhaps living on planet Sunburn, a place where people are united by music, culture and wanderlust.

If the location of Sunburn weren’t enough to make this festival unlike any other, then the lineup will. Sunburn continues to feature headliners that are the biggest names in electronic music in the world. Sunburn is the biggest and hottest festival in all of Asia and ranked as one of the top ten festivals in the world.


Overall Rating: 10/10 MUST ATTEND

Sunburn Goa is definitely the best of the best when it comes to EDM festivals. Being one of the largest international gatherings of people in the world, it is one of those once in a lifetime experiences. The kind you relive for years. The one thing about the festival that past attendees can’t stop talking about is how well the artists performed. The headliners made every moment infinite and every day better than the last.

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