Soundtrack To Your Summer Set Road Trip

Soundtrack To Your Summer Set Road Trip

Summer Set Music Festival is the getaway of your dreams if you’re in the midwest. Located in Somerset, WI. miles away from any major city, it’s your chance to pack up your camping gear, bring your friends along, hit the road, and spend your weekend under the starry sky for the best weekend of the summer.

While you’re on the road, here’s a playlist for you. Featuring artists from Summer Sets dope lineup.

Hitting the open road with the windows down:

“Summer ’97” by GRiZ ft. Muzzy Bearr

The sun is out, the weather is warm and you feel like you’re in a ’90’s teen movie. Enjoy the smooth sounds of GRiZ as you enter a funky time machine.

When all you see is in front of you is the horizon:

“Sunset Lover” by Petite Biscuit

The green grass and the open fields as the sun sets in the Mid-West. There isn’t a better sight when you’re on the road. “Sunset Lover” by Petite Biscuit is your perfect companion.

Crossing State Lines:

“Borderline” by Vanic x Tove Styrke

For when you are, quite literally, crossing state borders on your road trip.

Road trip game time:

“Games” by Bakermat feat. Marie Plassard

I spy, 21 questions, the license plate game. Whatever helps passes the time and keeps you entertained while on the road.

When you’ve been trekking for miles:

“Won’t Stop” by Space Jesus ft. Esseks

Playlist is popping off, and you’re halfway to your destination. “Won’t Stop” by Space Jesus will be your motivation to keep on going.

When it’s time for a beer break:

“Shotgun” by Zedd

After you’ve been on the road for a few hours and you’re getting hungry and restless. Pull over to the nearest highway diner, eat some pancakes, shotgun a few beers, let your designated driver take the wheel, and hit the road again.

Seeing the Summer Set lights in your field of vision:

“No Come Down” by Run The Jewels

You made it, fam! Let the weekend commence.

Making it to Summer Set:

“Congratulations” by Post Malone


Spending the weekend dancing, drinking, and camping under the stars:

“Invincible” by Big Wild feat. iDA HAWK

Let the best weekend of summer begin here.

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