The Solo Traveler Program©

Traveling alone? Not anymore! Enroll yourself in our exclusive room-sharing program. You book a portion of a room, our team matches you with other Solo Travelers based on social interest, musical tastes, and your preferences.


  • The Solo Traveler Program is designed for individuals and/or pairs that would like to share a room with other individuals or pairs. Take advantage of a massively reduced price and share your hotel stay with another festival attendee(s). We’ll match you with other Solo Travelers based on musical/social interests, age, gender, and preference.
  • If you select the “1 PORTION OF A ROOM” option, then you are reserving 1 out of potentially 4 spots available in a room.
  • If you select the “2 PORTIONS OF A ROOM” option, that you are reserving 2 out of potentially 4 spots available in a room. This selection is great for couples/pairs who can share a bed, or if you would like more living space during your stay.
  • We will help match you with other festival travelers based on age, gender, musical taste, and social interest. Once you make a Solo Traveler reservation you will receive an email that contains a Solo Traveler Questionnaire. Fill out that brief survey after you purchase and we will use it to match you with other Solo Travelers.
  • You can also find other Solo Travelers and form your own group by interacting on our Solo Traveler Facebook Group. If you find a roommate, they must also purchase the Solo Traveler package. Just shoot us an email to [email protected] to let us know if you find your own match.


  • You will receive an email with contact information for your roommates prior to the event. Depending on how you choose to split your room, there may be up to 4 people in 1 room. Please plan your sleeping arrangements accordingly.