Sales Platform


Client Dashboard

Advanced client management dashboard with customer information, marketing metrics, and sales details. Receive real-time data on your what, where, how, and why your Festival Attendees have decided to attend your Festival.

Daily Direct Deposit

Revenue splitting engine, enabling instant deposits to Festival stakeholders. No more collecting lump payments from ticketing companies. When a ticket, hotel, shuttle, or any product is purchased, Festival producers instantly receive funds.

Hotel Booking API

Priceline API fully integrated to collect even more revenue for your Festival and easier for your attendees to buy their tickets and book their Travel in one transaction.

Installment Plan

Pay upfront for a discount or Opt into a monthly payment plan, giving your Festival Attendees more flexibility. 99% of our payment plans complete payment. We collect the user's SMS phone number during account registration. This allows for better communication of marketing initiatives as well as information about their registrations and general festival operations.

Split The Bill

Customers have the option to Split the Bill automatically with as many friends as they would like. After adding Tickets, Hotels, Shuttles, etc. the bill can seem monstrous, but with Split the Bill each person in the group can pay their share and even start a payment plan.

Event + Refund Protection

Unity.Travel provides EVENT + REFUND PROTECTION to all customers at NO EXTRA COST to your Festival Attendee. In a Post-COVID climate, Protection from event cancellation or unforeseen circumstances will be greatly appreciated by your Attendees.

Hotel Program + Hotel Takeovers

Greater Profits & Guests

Select Hotel Takeovers focus attendee capacity, which leads to greater profits and happier guests!

No Risk

Unity Travel facilitates the contracting and buy-outs so the festival has no risk. This increases profitability as we are able to acquire the rooms at a better wholesale rate.

Property Sell-Out

Takeovers have a dedicated shuttle route, leading to a property sell-out. 90% of our takeovers sellout first over other hotel options.

Retain Split Profits

The client will retain split profits from the takeovers, which generate 2x the revenue of standard hotel blocks.

Tens of Thousands of Hotel Room Nights Booked

25+ Hotel Takeovers

Shuttle Operations

Safe, convenient transportation to and from your Festival.

• Peace of mind knowing your Attendees are arriving and especially leaving safely.

• Everything from route mapping & development, shuttle schedules, and designated loading zones is managed to charter sourcing, reservations, and contracting.

• Hotel lobby check-in with dedicated shuttle staff

33,540+ travelers shuttled throughout USA, Canada, and Mexico

Camp Management

We comprehensively EQUIP your campground

Multiple shelter types for all market segments, flushable & portable bathrooms, plumbed in heated showers, wired & generator electric grid, operations & guest shade structures, property map and fence

We comprehensively STAFF your campground

Prioritizing medical, security, load-in, camp will call, sanitation services, food & retail vendors, 24hr customer service, entertainment, strike

We comprehensively OPERATE your campground

A complete run of show & staff management, camp ingress & egress directorship, traffic control & day parking management, guaranteed code compliance with fire & police

We comprehensively SELL your campground

Dedicated sales funnel on Unity.Travel, in house paid marketing deployment, In house creative asset creation

Camping Experience at Imagine Music Festival.

Camping Experience at Ever After Music Festival.

34,700+ Campers serviced throughout USA and Canada

VIP Management

Sales & On-Call VIP Hosts

Handle ALL sales and customer service with an On-Call VIP host to answer all questions, VIP & festival-related

Marketing Campaigns

Launch an independent marketing campaign tailored to the VIP market

Hiring & Management

VIP serving/host staff hiring and management

Sales Platform

Our Sales Platform allows for payment plans + ability to split purchase over multiple credit cards, very helpful tools with higher costing VIP packages

Book & Managing

Booking and managing all VIP activations/amenities, as well as, Assistance with VIP deck construction and decor


Assistance with sponsorship integration and activations

2500+ VIP Guests Serviced Throughout USA and Canada

Live Streaming

Create a stunning high-fidelity broadcast of Main Stage at your Festival, streaming live to your FB page.

Our Production Team will produce the live stream with four HD cameras: One camera will be a wide shot setup by the Front of House / Sound Booth, with direct audio plug in.


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