RVLTN XO 2017 | Las Vegas

XO | Event Preview

Event Hosted by RVLTN
Las Vegas Market Pavilion
February 10th, 2017

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It’s February in Las Vegas. The cold winter winds are fading away and as the old saying goes, “love is in the air!” For some, that means spending hundreds of hard earned dollars on chocolates, flowers, and overpriced dinners. For us, it means dancing the night away at XO with the RVLTN Fam.

RVLTN is Las Vegas’ leading host for 18+ events all over the valley. They’ve built a reputation for booking top-class talent and producing stunning shows. Now, they are hosting a special love-themed event at the Las Vegas Market Pavilion on February 10th. So for those who want a non-traditional approach to Valentine’s Day or who want to escape all the teddy bear BS, here’s a preview of what to expect at XO.


Amazing Production from RVLTN

And Good Vibes!


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