Meet Your New Rave Family at EDC Las Vegas

Meet Your New Rave Family at EDC Las Vegas

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It’s no secret that ravers are going to EDM festivals all year round, and with so many great ones, there’s no excuse not to! Everything adds up to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. It is the holy grail of EDM festivals. Drawing in over 400,000 people from around the world who share the same thing in common: the passion for music.

The beautiful thing about rave culture is that it is not exclusive to one singular gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or income bracket. It’s just millions of people from around the world with open minds and open hearts.

Las Vegas being a giant melting pot on it’s own is the perfect destination for such a behemoth event. Whether you’re a local, from a bordering state, or traveling from across the world, EDC Las Vegas is a place for everyone to come together and enjoy something beautiful.

Expand your horizons with Unity Travel, we offer room packages, shuttles to and from the event, and most importantly: a place to connect with other ravers.

Here’s what some of our #ravefam have said about us:

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“This year was my 11th year attending EDC and my first time using Unity. I was a little suspect and nervous at first but after research and reviews I made the decision to give it a shot. My GF and I loved your service and I will be using you in the future years. Keep it up you guys were PLUR and professional.” – Justin A.

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“Whether you are riding solo or with your squad, Unity Travel is definitely a superb option for guaranteeing a wonderful, smooth, easy traveling experience with minimal planning on your part.

I’ve now used them twice on two of the biggest musical festivals the United States has to offer, TomorrowWorld 2015 and EDC Vegas 2016. Two completely amazing different experiences.

Mr. Solo this time around and first time EDC Vegas. Being that my time in Georgia was such a pleasant one, naturally Unity would be my first stop. Much to my delight they offer Solo Traveler packages. What this includes is a 4-way split of the hotel room for 3 days, shuttle pass to EDC all weekend and access the their pool day club all weekend (they set up a DJ booth and speakers which was pretty dope)

You also don’t have to pay it all at once. There is an option for a payment plan. The way they choose your roommates gave some incentive as well. You’ll fill out a questionnaire about what kind of experience your looking for and what kind of music you tend to gravitate towards. The week before they’ll announce your roomies and email you a .pdf of everyones contact information/SoCal media and encourage you to reach out and get to know one another which was a splendid idea. It definitely took the edge off when you finally met face to face. All of my roommates turned out to be awesome.

My plane touched down, checked into the hotel, grabbed my shuttle bracelet and lounged at the day pool party until it was time to get dressed and hit the main event. So being located at the Golden Nugget already puts you halfway closer the festival than anyone else staying on the main strip. The shuttle was about a block and a half away and there were plenty of Unity employees to help direct and assist you to the shuttle. We got on, they got us pumped up and off we went. I completely underestimated the amount of traffic there would be. No worries though, I booked with Unity 😉

Even though there were cars on top of cars on top of cars before the gates even opened we had our own shuttle lane. I left at 6:15 Friday, 7:00 on Saturday and 8:00 on Sunday. Every single trip was an hour or less. Amazing given the absurd amount of traffic there was to get in. I lucked out stumbling across the quickest route to EDC on my first go around. As for the trip back, shuttles run until 6:00 AM but they also seem to run a bit later as well. They aren’t going to leave you there. Overall I had a another wonderful experience with Unity and wouldn’t hesitate to don’t all over again.” William H.

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“I am very happy with this travel company. UT definitely made my first EDC experience a memory that I will never forget! The shuttle service was amazing and fast going  to/from EDC. My roommates were awesome people since I did the solo package. Kennedy Jones was LIT! For now on I will be booking with Unity.Travel. Thank you so much!” – Solo Traveler

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“What you guys did well was literally everything else – the shuttle was a 5 minute walk from the Golden Nugget, there were never lines, you provided water, it was awesome! Especially after the nightmare the year before with the EDC shuttles and the insane lines and walks from the shuttle to the hotel. It almost made us not want to come back but so glad we did!” – Maria S.

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“It was great using this service, it’s just that the first time we tried to look for the shuttle we got confused because we saw Jus College signs. We gave Unity a call for help with finding the shuttle and they were quick to show us the way. Overall everything that we paid for was worth it. The customer service was top quality.” Stephen P.

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“Great company. Great people. They made my EDC Las Vegas experience better than I could have imagined! Definitely booking with these guys from here on out!” – Rob H.

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“Just like 2015, this year was a smooth breeze. Everything went quickly, without any issues, I met amazing people and one of my favorite DJ’s thanks to Unity!” – Alexander S. (Solo traveler)

Unity Travel is an officially licensed travel agency. We are able to arrange special deals at hotels all over the world and offer those deals to our guests. We have been managing festival transportation for over 6 years.

At Unity, we offer hotel rooms, shuttle busses, and extracurricular parties for you to make the most out of your EDC Las Vegas adventure.

Our rooms are at The Excalibur, Harrahs, and The Golden Nugget. All at different price points and locations for your convenience. At The Golden Nugget, our annual 3 day long day club at the Hideout Pool will take place. Last year, Kennedy Jones headlined. You do not want to miss out on this Unity Travel exclusive event! So all you have to do is get out of bed, head to the pool, day drink, then rest up for your night under the neon sky.

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We also offer our Solo Traveler package, for only $159 you share a room with 3 other people for 3 nights. We will pair you up with other solo travelers through a questionnaire, and match you up with other solo travelers who share similar interests to you! Maybe you’ll even find your rave partner in crime for the weekend!

That being said, because of EDC’s popularity, if you don’t plan ahead, you’ll be left in the dust. Hotel rooms and festival passes sell out immediately every year and that leaves the procrastinators stuck with high inflation rates, and possibly getting scammed on a secondhand ticket. Make sure that isn’t you this year.

We’ve been servicing guests attending EDC since the very first EDC in Las Vegas. Our entire company is built on the values associated with attending dance music events.

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