Our Trip To Mamby On The Beach

Our Trip to Mamby on the Beach in Chicago

By: Chris Overlay (co-owner)

 Mamby on the Beach

So it’s about 7:00 AM on a Saturday morning. I am packing up the car to make a 5 hour drive down from Wisconsin to Chicago to meet up with Josh (co-owner). Josh was flying in from Las Vegas, and would be meeting me at our hotel. Our mission for the weekend was to manage a group of hotel guests during their journey to Mamby on the Beach.


Mamby has a history in Chicago, but not as a music festival. The name originated as an old house music club in Chicago which had been closed down for years. React (known for Spring Awakening) brought the name back to life for the beach based festival in early August. Mamby, the festival, was to take place on the beautiful shores of Oakwood Beach in Southern Chicago with headliners like Empire of the Sun, Passion Pit, and Art Department.


Once in Chicago, Josh, all of our guests, and practically everyone attending Mamby on the Beach had to plan our trips from our hotels to the event using public transit. Both Josh and I were pretty foreign to the concept of taking a train to get anywhere, being that we were from Las Vegas where cabs are the only transportation option aside from driving yourself. The folks over at Mamby are pros and made it super easy on all of us by planning their entire festival transit system around the public transportation options. We took a train through the south loop, got off near china town, and as soon as we walked down the train steps there was a Mamby rep to great us. “You guys headed to the beach?” He asked confidently. Josh and I looked at each other, then back at the dude “yeah!” Our newly found guide directed us to a spot right across the street where rows of Mamby shuttles were waiting to take us right to the festival. A few minutes later we had arrived at the event gates. Such easy, much simple, so wow!


Once at the festival, we found it very easy to get through will call and the security check points. Having been to dozens of festival around the world, it was a pleasant surprise to be treated so well during the event entrance process. THANK YOU MAMBY!


The event housed 3 stages. The main stage sat on the northern part of the festival facing the great lake. “The Tent” was also facing the water, but from the south side. You could stroll between the two stages right across the sandy beach. The 3rd stage blasted out deep house beats from the interior of the festival. Between the triple stage set up, the beach, and the sunshine; the festival vibes were very positive and fun.


Post-festival, the Chicago nightlife was popping off at official after parties all over the city. We took part in the official Mamby after party and the Mid Chicago. The Mid is known as one of the hottest clubs in Chicago hosting artists like Thomas Gold, Markus Schulz, and many more. That particular night we got to see Art Departments last appearance as a group. Needless to say, it was phenomenal.


Our entire Mamby on the Beach experience was amazing. We had a great experience working with the folks over at React, and traveling with all of our guests. Huge thank you to all of our new friends, thanks for all the memories Chicago!


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