Unparalleled Festival Networking at XLIVE 2016

Unparalleled Festival Networking at XLIVE 2016

 LAS VEGAS, NV –  A winter trip to the desert proved to be a festival journey unlike any other.  While other festival conferences have either stagnated or fallen off the map in the last few years, X-Live has rebranded, expanded, and hired an all-star team to bring together true innovators in the festival market. X-live now includes festivals of multiple genres, like food & beverage, music, film and more. Several thousand festival producers, operators, vendors, agents and more descended upon the Tropicana for three days of non-stop conferences, workshops, keynote speakers and meetings.

Attendees ran the full gamut, ranging from newly minted entrepreneurs with just business cards and ideas, to full scale festival promoters, to venture capitalists looking for new additions to their portfolio. No matter what you were looking for, if you looked hard enough you could find it. Of course the higher value individuals typically make a quick pass through the event, so you have to be well connected & well planned to grab them at the right moment to get a couple words in. Luckily XLIVE attracts enough of these people, that no matter what you are looking for, you are likely to find at least a few connections that will add great value to your organization.

Networking is the primary reason any business person ventures to an event like this, and XLIVE knows it. They help you set meetings with other attendees if you are a sponsor. They will reach out and discuss strategy and do their best to connect you with the people you want to be connected to. They even run their own meeting room and assist with scheduling in between parties.

Breakout sessions were numerous, running through the different challenges that each festival faced, while trying to keep the conversation to the similarities between us all. The X-live EXPO hall was one of the better, if not the best in the festival conference space. Many of the booth’s were vendors selling competing products, but despite being competitors, many felt they were meeting the right people and building their networks.

Attending the Mergers & Acquisitions workshop was by far the most rewarding part of the Xlive conference. The intimate setting created an environment prime for business synergy that is unmatched by the large panels and keynote presentations. The entire presentation lasted over 3 hours, and being able to ask direct questions to industry leaders is necessary for industry growth. It was extremely reassuring to see many festival entrepreneurs discussing successes and failures at their events and business practices. It was even more rewarding to understand the sheer size and economic power of our industry, the room was filled with established buyers and extremely successful festival operators. It proves operators in this space can create meaningful careers and substantial earnings if they make the right business moves and deliver amazing experiences to their attendees.

Another mentionable workshop took an in-depth look at festival operations technology. “Festech” was a huge topic at Xlive, it seemed like literally everyone and their mom was trying to push bracelets or wristbands with RFID capability. Jokes aside it’s great to know that festival producers are employing groundbreaking tech like RFID, beacons, GPS, CAD and mobile applications for emergency management!

Overall, XLIVE truly set themselves apart by having some of the best networking of any festival event, and their dedication to intimate workshops and breakout sessions made sure attendees collided virtually all day.  Both small and large festival producers and their associated support companies can benefit from attending. If you are friendly and engaging, XLIVE will undoubtedly return value to you and your organization.


Article Written by Carlos Rodriguez

Published by Joshua Payne

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