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Ever wonder what is actually takes to plan a music festival? All of the talents have to be booked and scheduled. The venue has to be set up and look amazing. And the location has to be a safe place to party full of security and safety precautions. There are lots of forms, money and imagination that go into making a festival happen.

React Presents is a company that brings to life six different music festivals each year! The company was founded in 2008 in Chicago and quickly grew to its current status of hosting 6 festivals a year throughout the country and 5-10 concerts per week. React Presents brings awesome festivals to you like Spring Awakening, Freaky Deaky, Reaction NYE, and Unity Travel’s favorite: Summer Set.


Unity Travel recently got an exclusive interview with Michele D’Amaro, React Presents Public Relations Event Coordinator. Michele gave us a little inside on her role with the company and how she feels about the success of the festivals that they host.

Michele told us about her long journey to get to where she is now. She always had a passion for the music industry and knew she just had to be apart of it. Michele started by writing for a few music magazines and began to build relationships with artist publicists. She eventually caught the eye of the only publicist for React Presents at the time and the rest is history.

Michele told us that her job isn’t always as exciting as it may seem. On a day-to-day basis she is sitting in front of a computer at an office answering emails. “However when we throw festivals, that’s where the real fun happens. My favorite part about this job is working at our live events and watching all of our ideas and hard work come to fruition,” said Michele. On festival day Michele spends her time running around making sure media attendees, photographers and artists are all set with their rules and responsibilities. She told us how amazing it feels when their crew of 30 people at React Presents is able to pull off an event where 40,000 people get to enjoy music and have the time of their lives. She describes her coworkers as brilliant people with a common goal. A goal of giving their fans an outlet and an opportunity to have fun.


This year will be the fifth anniversary for Summer Set Music Festival and Michele told us just how impressed she is with how much the event has grown over the years. As far as changes for this years festival go, this is the first time that tickets are all in one and include camping. Michele told us that this is the best way for fans to conveniently secure both festival and camping accommodations in one swift purchase. The line up for the fifth anniversary of Summer Set is nothing short of incredible. Artist like Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Logic, Zhu and Marshmello are set to amaze fans at Summer Sets’ custom designed stages. Michele tells us that she is personally excited for headliner Chance The Rapper who will be making a rare live appearance with his band The Social Experiment. She is also pumped about seeing Atmosphere who will be releasing their new album the same day as their performance.


When asked if it is sometimes hard to make such a huge festival stay focused on the music, Michele responded, “We have reached a point where the dance music industry has matured and now we have to work to provide a better experience for the consumer.  This isn’t something you can really put a time frame on overcoming because there’s just always a constant need for improvement.  It’s just a matter of immersing yourself in the experience.” Michele told us that at React Presents, they don’t just listen to their fans, they hear them. They promise to provide festival attendees with better lighting, safer security, a higher quality of sound, more food options, and overall just a better time.

When asked about the future of React Presents, Michele told us that they look foreword to further developing the six festivals that they have and making them into the best events that they could possibly be. She wants to focus not so much on the location of the festival, but the vibes, the artists and the music lovers who attend.


Summer Set 2016 takes place this August and is sure to be just as colorful, musical and lively as ever. Don’t miss out on the insane lineup this year. Book with Unity Travel to get your full festival and travel packages.


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