Ever After Review

Ever After Review

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Fairytales, carnival rides, EDM, and poutine. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Ever After is a three day long electronic music festival held in Kitchener, Ontario that is a paradise for anyone who considers themselves a basshead.

Last week the Unity team packed our bags, crossed the border, and traveled over 2,300 to see one of the best EDM festivals of the summer. Ever After, put on by Oz Productions is proving itself to be one of Canada’s top festival makers.

The Venue

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Located in Kitcheners famous Bingemans campgrounds which has hosted events such as an annual Oktoberfest celebration and Frosh Circus. I can’t think of a better spot to host a festival of this caliber. Festival attendance was estimated at 20,000 goers but Bingemans was spacious enough to fit everyone and not make anyone feel claustrophobic.

Bingemans also offers an outdoor pool area, a variety of food vendors, and most importantly: on-site camping. There’s nothing better as a festival goer than to spend the days camping with friends, playing beer-pong and making s’mores by a campfire and being able to walk directly into the music festival when you’re ready. Each tent sites includes a picnic table, a fire pit, and the main office is equipped with clean bathrooms and showers for free. Bingemans also offers a variety of camping options such as tents, cabins, and yurts.The rolling hills, green trees, and picturesque landscape made Bingemans the perfect backdrop for Ever Afters fairytale theme.

Once inside the festival grounds, you enter a magical land of silent discos, mythical creatures, and giant mushrooms. With two stages that are easily accessible, Ever After was uncomplicated to navigate and there was never any pressure to weigh out time conflicts because there would only be up to two artists playing at the same time.

The Lineup

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If you’re a fan off bass, dubstep and trap Ever After is the place for you. This year featured a stacked lineup of world renowned DJs such as Bassnectar, Excision, French Montana, Snails, NGHTMRE, Lost Kings, and Ghastly. Highlights included:

 Bassnectar: closing out night 1 Bassnectar set the catalyst for what the rest of the weekend had coming for us. His hypnotizing set was a cocoon of sound that broke all sound barriers. Bassheads in the audience were dancing and singing along in Unity during his entire set. It was the embodiment of PLUR.

TroyBoi: at the small stage on Saturday there was a dance party and London based DJ TroyBoi was at the center of it. With a set that combined trip-hop, trap, R&B, and hip-hop TroyBoi’s unique set broke boundaries and redefined dance music. His set was one of the standout performances of the night.

Snails: one word – bass. If the dubstep sub-genre vomitstep was a country, Snails would be it’s king. Snails coined the term in 2012 and has been making head-banging, intense, and bass heavy ever since. Ideal for people who like to like to head bang while hanging on to rails, Snails set got lit on Saturday night.

Excision: closing out Saturday night, Excision indulged us with his high-powered sound system and live production (his signature X-visions stage) his set proves that seeing a live DJ is just as entertaining as seeing a live band performance. Animations syncing with the sounds playing, jumping from fast to slow jams, Excision made a fan out of me.

Nghtmre: Nghtmre’s set which was a mix of trap and house was a welcome deviation from a lot of the other acts performing all weekend. The crowd went wild for his array of remixes, pyrotechnics, and dance heavy bangers. His charisma as he would stand above the sound system and encourage the audience to have a good time was exactly what needed.
Zeds Dead: Think of Ever After as a homecoming for the Toronto-based duo Zeds Dead, they came back making sure everyone in the audience would leave shook to their core. And it was a success. From the fireworks, to the incredible light shows, to the perfectly curated setlist, Zeds Dead closed out the weekend with a flawless and memorable performance.

The Food

Ever After provided vendors and food trucks that would satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. From waffles, to tacos, ice cream, to tropical drinks made in pineapples, and we can’t forget Canada’s national dish: poutine. There was something for everyone at reasonable price points.

Most Toronto/greater Toronto area festivals catering to this musical taste are in a city and therefor don’€™t offer camping, so the camping opportunity was a welcome difference that definitely stood out. Ever After is also the only full three-day festival in the area, and it clearly understands how to please its audience. Many festivals feature big room bangers with only a hint of dubstep and bass, making Ever After’€™s lineup a definitive game changer in the Toronto festival scene. I know there are lots of bassheads in the Toronto area, and we all greatly appreciate this for sure.

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