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EDMbiz Las Vegas | A Unity Travel Certified Review


Electronic dance music has quickly grown to become much more than just a genre of music. It is an experience. It is art, dance, fashion, technology and expression. Electronic dance music has created an avenue for a multitude of festivals around the world with millions of people who go to see life changing productions and to feel connected to the music. EDMbiz is the ultimate place for dance music lovers from around the world to come together and discuss their passion for the craze that is electronic dance music.


Who hosts it

Since Insomniac started this event in 2011, EDMbiz has been the ultimate place for dance music professionals to unite through culture, talent and ideas.

Insomniac is one of the biggest companies in EDM culture and is headed by music festival genius Pasquale Rotella. Music director Jason Bently will be the host and moderator for the three-day event this year.


When is it

EDMbiz conference and expo will take place on June 14th, 15th and 16th this year at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino.

EDMbiz is scheduled for the three days prior to one of Insomniac’s biggest festival events, EDC Las Vegas. It is EDC’s 20th anniversary this year and it is sure to be bigger and better than ever before. The EDMbiz expo is going to be three days full of music, discussions, insights and parties.


How to get to Las Vegas/ Where to Stay

Finding a place to stay in Las Vegas is easy since there are so many hotel options. If you want to be close to the EDMbiz conference, then you should book a room on the strip. The event will be at Caesars palace, which is an upscale hotel with lots of rooms and amenities. The conference is sure to bring in a lot of people, so if rooms are full try one of the neighboring hotels like the Mirage or the Bellagio. Most hotels on the strip are connected by monorail, and street access is very simple to navigate. Walking from your hotel to the event will be an easy way to avoid dealing with parking every day.

If you’re ballin on a budget to EDMbiz, consider staying off the strip in a cheaper hotel and making your way to the event everyday.



The event’s new location at Caesars Palace will provide attendees with more room and more opportunities. There will be more space for meeting spots and programming experiences. There will be multiple stages for keynote speakers and intimate areas for discussions. EDMbiz 2016 is projected to be twice as big as it was last year. This event continues to grow in size and impact.



This year, the event is offering three different badge options with different levels of expo access. Badges will determine access to the different events and opportunities at the conference such as keynote presentations, programing demonstrations and contests. All badge holders will have access to exclusive club shows, pool parties, and networking events throughout the week.

There are also discounted badges available for students.



The crowd at EDMbiz will be full of music professionals in all fields of the music business such as entrepreneurs, programmers, aspiring djs, students, journalists, agents and artists. Everyone at this event is sure to be a true music enthusiast with a passion for innovation and art.

There will be over 70 speakers in attendance including Pasquale Rotella and many music artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Jauz and Marshmello.



Las Vegas is full of places to try new and interesting foods from all corners of the world. When you aren’t connecting with fellow music lovers at the EDMbiz expo, you may find yourself wandering the strip in search of new restaurant. The strip will have more than enough options to fill whatever craving you may have.


Things to do

The EDMbiz conference will definitely keep you busy for the week. The three-day expo will have a full schedule of events to attend. Networking events are sure to keep you entertained before and after the expo hours each day. Pool parties and club shows are all apart of the EDMbiz package and will definitely keep you up at night.

If you are making the trip to EDMbiz this year in Las Vegas, it would be silly not to attend the EDC festival that weekend. You should definitely plan on making your trip a full week and attending one of the biggest three-day music festivals in the world. EDC Las Vegas is an experience that every music lover should have at least once their lives. The rides, stage productions and sounds are unmatched by any festival in the world. Attending EDC will end the week full of music in an epic way.



What makes this event different

What makes this event so different is that it gives you a chance to get personal with the artists that inspire you.

Dance music continues to grow into an empire, a culture and a way of life. EDMbiz is a chance for anyone who is passionate about music to contribute to the industry’s evolution.

This is one of the only events in the world where the electronic music industry comes together and really reflects on all of the massive advances that have occurred in music and production over the past year. The theme for this year’s EDMbiz is all centered on three things: experience, technology and aspiration.


“EDMbiz is a unique opportunity for our entire community to come together and shape the future of dance music. From artists, promoters, agents and journalists, to people who simply aspire to be part of this amazing culture, everyone has the chance to contribute to the discussion.” –Pasquale Rotella


Overall Rating: 10/10 SEE YOU THERE!

You should definitely take advantage of this incredible opportunity to participate in the future of electronic music.

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