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EDC Las Vegas | A Unity Travel Certified Review

EDC Las Vegas is arguably the most iconic EDM festival in the United States, and it is extremely well known all around the world. The biggest and best artists from every corner of the electronic dance scene are gathered together for 3 days of epic performances and incredible moments.

Experiencing EDC is about more than just the music. It’s easy to find yourself lost in the dozens of art displays, thrill rides, and professional performers littered across the festival grounds!


Who hosts it

EDC is hosted by Insomniac, a well-known festival promoter headed by the one and only Pasquale Rotella. Insomniac is known for their dedication to providing fans with a complete experience during their festivals. They pull out all the stops when it comes to stage design, sound quality, and guest safety.

Expect to see a very well run event with plenty of water stations and security.

When it is

This event takes place in the middle of June in one of the hottest and driest states in the U.S. Good news is that the festival runs from sun down to sun up.

Just because the sun isn’t out, doesn’t mean that you will not dry out or get dehydrated. Make sure to drink lots of water and remember to bring the chap stick!

How to Get To Las Vegas / Where to Stay

Viva Las Vegas! EDC famously made it’s move from Southern California to Las Vegas in 2011, and has called the city of sin home ever since. EDC events last throughout the entire week at nightclubs and pools all leading up the main festival. There are dozens of hotels on and off the strip, and hundreds of places to eat and drink during your stay.

If you are driving in, you are 99% likely to end up on the I-15 Highway which runs parallel to the strip. You can use the I-15 to access pretty much any part of the strip, including Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street. Word of caution, the I-15 is going to be NUTS all weekend and for the days leading up to EDC. Our suggestion would be to use the I-15 to get as close to the main strip as possible, and then exit and head for either Industrial/Frank Sinatra or Koval. Those two roads also run parallel to Las Vegas BLVD (aka the strip) and are going to be MUCH less crowded.

Plan to spend money while in Vegas, drink and food prices are typically higher and you may need to pay cover fees at certain parties.

Travelers Secret: Take a look at staying and partying in Downtown Las Vegas! Find the best prices on hotels. There are shuttle services departing from Downtown for EDC. There are also some excellent (and affordable) restaurants and bars in the area.

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Getting to EDC and Shuttles

The #1 thing that you are going to want to do when planning your trip to EDC is to make sure you book a 3-day shuttle pass. Seriously, it is worth every penny.

The amount of traffic getting in and out of the Motor Speedway is AWFUL. There are so many horror stories about people losing their friends or getting stuck in the parking lot for hours. You do not want to have to deal with that, ESPECIALLY after partying all night.

Here’s another thing, not all shuttles are the same. You should buy your shuttle from a company that has access to the back road in/out of the event and to the special shuttle parking lot at the venue. There are plenty of shuttle companies that will get you out there, but they are going to get directed into regular lots along with all the other regular traffic.

Unity Travel is one of the very select number of shuttle companies that has access to the back roads and lots. Their prices are also very competitive! Get your EDC shuttle pass here!


The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is MASSIVE. Over 100,000 people will be in attendance each night. The actual event takes place inside the center ring of the racetrack, which is also massive. Bottom line is that this will probably be one of the biggest events that you will ever attend, it’s just huge!


EDC offers a great experience for their VIP guests. There are multiple balconies that oversee the stages all over the festival. VIP guests also get their own lines to enter in, which makes for a much quicker entry time. You also get access to VIP only bars, water stations, and vendors.

If you really want to ball out, you can purchase bottle service which is sponsored by the various different nightclubs on the strip. You can even reserve a multi-course meal, tapas, and more to make your VIP experience even better. Of course, all of that comes at an extra cost.


Aside from the crowd being massive… You are going to experience every type of festival goer you can imagine at EDC. The hardcore ravers, newbies, bros, artists, costume fanatics, and many more will all be in attendance.

For the most part, everyone is very fun and friendly. You can easily strike up conversations and take group photos with new acquaintances. There are a group of people that will tell you that “EDC just isn’t the same anymore,” and those die hard fans have a small point. The fact is that EDC is no longer only a ravers-only event and as a result you get lots of different people from lots of different backgrounds. Personally, we think that makes EDC even more magical, but fundamentalists might disagree.


EDC has actually been widely criticized for the quality of food options they make available. Pasquale has made an effort to change that by getting higher quality food trucks to service the event, but even the mighty Pasquale is limited by the Motor Speedway’s contractual terms. The bottom line is that the Motor Speedway is in control of the food vending, and they are not going to want to let all that revenue go. Expect to find the standard pizza, chicken tenders, and burgers all over the event.

Suggestion: make sure to get a smoothie! These are our favorite food items at the event. Fresh fruit and yogurt blended to ice-cold perfection.

Things to Do

What isn’t there to do at EDC? If we do not talk about the hundreds of artists and dozen stages at the event, then there is still TONS to entertain yourself with.

EDC is well known for the carnival rides it brings in. These rides are no joke either; they are full on thrill rides! There is even a mini roller coaster you can ride. Some people turn an entire day at the festival into a ride day and do nothing else but ride rides all night.

Aside from the rides and stages, there are dozens of art installations and vendor experiences too. Enjoy a stroll through a light tunnel, jump on LED lilly pads, and chill out in many of the super air conditioned cooling stations.

What makes the Festival Different

EDC has kind of set the bar for what is required at an event. They do a lot of things and many of them aren’t really unique to EDC. Here is what sets EDC apart from every other event in the world…

EDC does everything much much BETTER!

Their stage production is incredible. The sound is amazing. The rides are out of control. The artist selection is the best in the world. Their security is great. Water stations are available everywhere.

Anybody that tell you that EDC sucks or isn’t the best festival in the world, is either burnt because they got too messed up and had a bad time or they are insane.

Overall Rating: 10/10 MUST ATTEND

This event is revered as the pinnacle of EDM festivals. The stage production is unmatched anywhere in the world. The lineup is comprised of the most well known and best performers from all over the world too. This is simply the best of the best when it comes to EDM.

You should absolutely attend EDC Las Vegas at least once in your life!

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