Soundtrack to Your San Diego Adventure for CRSSD Spring 2017

Soundtrack to Your San Diego Adventure for CRSSD Spring 2017

CRSSD San Diego is the bi-annual music festival presented FNGRS CRSSD. It debuted in March 2015 and has since become a shining beacon as one of the hottest festivals in the country.

What makes CRSSD stand out so much is their diverse lineup. The music acts they present are a diverse mix of your traditional electronic staples, underground, funk, disco, soul,and much more.

Let’s not forget about the location! San Diego is also arguably one of the best cities on the West Coast. You’ve got the beautiful beaches, the numerous beer breweries, the nightlife, and it’s a culinary mecca. Plus, that beautiful SoCal weather. Located at the Waterfront Park in downtown San Diego, it’s walking distance from the Amtrak station for easy transportation.

Whether you’re a local  San Diegan or commuting from L.A., Orange County, or Vegas, here is your guide for exploring San Diego during CRSSD weekend!

Cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway with your windows down:

“Hello Clouds” by Justin Martin feat. Femme

It’s early March and winter is slowly dwindling away. You’re enjoying San Diego’s landscapes whilst driving on the PCH with your squad. The let the sounds of Justin Martin’s “Hello Clouds” guide the way as it’s ambient synths, and featured singer Femme’s delicate voice make you feel like you’re floating.

Eating a Double Double at In & Out with Animal Fries on the side:

“You Know You Like It” by AlunaGeorge

Whether you’re a SoCal native or not, eating at In & Out is a religious experience, and a right of passage for anyone traveling through. Bonus points if you take your In & Out to go and eat in on the beach, like a true Southern Californian. “You Know You Like it” by AlunaGeorge provides the perfect upbeat tunes as you enjoy the most perfect meal that has ever existed.

Pre-gaming in the Gaslamp Quarter:

“Are You With Me” by Lost Frequencies

Spend the night before your CRSSD adventure bar hopping in downtown San Diego’s famous Gaslamp Quarter. It’s a 16 block stretch that is chock full of bars, music venues, night clubs, and hookah lounges. The lyrics of “Are You With me” by Lost Frequencies captures exactly what you should be in for “I wanna dance by water ‘neath the Mexican sky/ Drink some Margaritas by a string of blue lights.” So, get ready for a night of exploration. Are you with me?

Taking in all of the craft beer:

“Ocean Drive” by Duke Dumont

San Diego has been called the “Craft Beer Capital of America” it is the home of more than 100 breweries, microbreweries, and brewpubs. It’s the perfect utopia where beer is highly accessible, inexpensive, and good quality. There are places to drink locally brewed beers all over the city. Including CRSSD festival where they will have plenty to choose from of all varieties, types, and price points.  In “Ocean Drive” singer Boy Mathews proclaims “It’s never enough” and when it comes to beer, that is a sentiment I whole heartedly agree with.

Your first walk into CRSSD Festival:

“Forget It” by Blood Orange

Now that you’ve spent the last few days sufficiently exploring San Diego. It’s finally time to officially get the weekend started. CRSSD starts at 12:00 p.m. and it’s one of the few festivals you want to arrive at early. The lineup consists of banger after banger, so you don’t want to miss out on anything. There’s something special about the dreamy San Diego atmosphere that make’s attending an music festival in the daylight ideal. “Forget It” by Blood Orange is a dance throwback to 1980’s pop with in addition of beachy guitar riffs. It’s the perfect song to propel you into the day.

Dancing the water fountains at Waterfront Park:

“Where You Should Be” by Skream

Waterfront Park has tons of water fountains sprinkled throughout. At CRSSD, it is encouraged to jump, dance, and relax in the water. Here’s the scene: Skream is playing at a stage 50 feet away from you, the sun is coming down, and your favorite song come on. It’s getting hard to resists the the soulful transitions and instrumental beats so you jump into the water head first. Release your inner free spirit, destiny is calling. It’s time to be where you should be.

Take in the majestic San Diego Sunset:

“Ocean Eyes (Atronomyy Remix)” by Billie Eilish

The weekend is coming to an end. You’ve danced at the Ocean View stage, made some new friends, and eaten as many fish tacos to your hearts content. There’s one last thing to do: enjoy the majestic sunset, and not just simply observe it. Take a seat on the grass, look at the sky and enjoy the moment. Because in the next few hours, CRSSD will be over, and it’s back to reality until the next one.

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