“CRSSD Does it Again” by Kendall Beck

CRSSD Does it Again

Written by Kendall Beck, an attendee of CRSSD Fall 2016

An ocean sunset and palm tree backdrop, the warm salty air, an insane, head bopping, feet grooving, feel good lineup, and the mature crowd of 21+. CRSSD has been killing the festival game since their first appearance in spring 2015 and this last CRSSD event was no different.

First walking in you are greeted by the funky beats and the dancing grooves of The Palms stage. If you’re like me and prefer the back of stages with room to dance, to the front where its crowded, strategically place yourself just behind the second set of speakers at this stage. The sound quality is even better than the front and you have all the room.

Keep walking back, passed the variety of delicious food choices, and you’re welcomed by the City Steps. This stage is great to be up front and in the scene or you can move to the back and have a seat in the grass and still have pretty good sound quality.

Lastly there’s the Ocean View stage, with the water fountain on the right and the ocean view on the left, this stage is a great place to enjoy a killer set. Any live sets from the line up are usually at this stage.

If you were like me, and didn’t make it to the festival until the afternoon on Sunday, you probably had to wait in a long line to get in. I would definitely recommend getting there early to avoid lines, plus even if you’re not familiar with the early sets, you can guarantee that CRSSD has found some stellar talent to fill those spots.
Destructo B2B with Busy P was one huge party. Destructo always knows how to get the crowd started. It was a shame this set was only one hour because I could have danced there all day.

Biggest surprise of the night was Thomas Jack. He strayed from his infamous tropical house sound and threw down a surprisingly upbeat tech set. If you didn’t know it was him, you wouldn’t have been able to guess it.
City Steps was closed out by Maya Jane Coles followed by a set by Dubfire, leaving you with endless techno at a stage that pops off.

Kaytranada gets best set from me. That 90s hip-hop groove, all his songs tend to have, left you dancing and wanting more. Playing all of his killer tracks from his newest album 99.9%, like Lite Spots, You’re The One, and his track with Aluna George, Together. His stage was a one huge dance party with everyone vibing off each other.

What makes a festival a festival, besides the music, is the people and the vibes. If the music is tight but the crowd is not, I’m not going to have a good time. But the crowd here at CRSSD makes this festival one to keep coming back to, regardless of the lineup. It’s a laidback festival with the mature crowd of 21+, something that really sets it apart from festivals like HARD or Insomniac events. Everyone has a sense of ease knowing that some 18-year-old isn’t going to die of an overdose next to you. Not to mention you can bring you drinks with you anywhere you go, since the entire place is 21+ there is no need for beer gardens.

All and all, CRSSD’s stacked lineup, beautiful scenery and mature crowd makes this a must-see festival.

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