CRSSD Festival smashes San Diego in its third installment

CRSSD Festival officially smashes San Diego in its third installment!

Driving through the Mojave Desert towards San Diego always brings about the best mood.  There is just something about this city that feels rejuvenating, and yet energetic.  That long, 5 hour trip, the CRSSD soundtrack on shuffle, the anticipation and then finally the escape…


That’s really what CRSSD is all about…  escaping to a world of deep, invigorating energy.  The festival is a concoction of simple, but great elements.  It’s set in a truly beautiful location, one that captures a vibe few festivals are capable of.  Simply being that close to water opens up your lungs, makes you smile, and gets you out of your skin.  The soundtrack boasts a stellar lineup, one that can be described as eclectic, underground, and futuristic; yet still relevant enough to sell out a 15,000 person venue.  The 21+ age limit gives it a mature vibe, which in turn allows its patrons to relax a bit more.

Saturday kicked off by bouncing and weaving between Gryffin and Lane 8.  Two different sounds but equally pleasing, which served as a fantastic warm up.  The stage placement was adjusted and upgraded in order to better combat sound bleeding (and more importantly bass bleeding).  This allowed better flow and bigger crowds at each stage.  In tradition as we dove deeper into the afternoon, the chic festival food, craft beer and cocktails began to flow.

Gesaffelstein absolutely destroyed the main stage, which boasted the most impressive CRSSD production to date, with bending LED panels and sweeping spot lights.  Saturday night concluded with a little bit of Cirez D and a lot of Odesza.  Prydz’s evil alter ego provided a stark contrast to the loving sounds of Odesza, which in turn made us appreciate each of them even more as we traded stages.

Sunday started with a bit of rain which made everyone’s vibes hyper-focused on getting started early! As the days early rains drew to a close, Tycho played a beautiful sunset set marked by hot pink and orange hues, which matched the festival’s signature stage visuals.  Oliver Helden’s Hi-Lo set was inventive and interesting, but not many people knew about it, as his alias isn’t as well known.  It was really cool to see young Oliver turn a blind eye to his usual style of  ‘popular future house’.

Gorgon City and Chet Faker both had incredible live sets at the mainstage with planes flying low in the background behind the stage, making for some perfect photo opportunities. As the night got darker, so did the music!  Hot Since 82 played a sexy, yet aggressive, set that kept the crowd moving. Not to be outdone, the legend, Loco Dice, played with equally high energy at the same time, and masterfully conducted his crowd a few hundred feet away.  The constant stage switching really put a wear on our legs as we jogged back and forth! Maceo Plex replaced Tales of Us for the closing set on the city steps stage, which was a very pleasant surprise since he wasn’t at CRSSD Fall ‘15. Plus, who doesn’t love to close out the festival with some mind altering dark techno?!

One couldn’t recount CRSSD Fest without touching base on the Dirtybird Records mini takeover.  A good portion of the dirtybird crew was in attendance with J Phlip, Ardalan, Sacha Robotti and Claude Von Stroke all performing.  Label boss, Claude, played a great set as always and brought out Green Velvet. Fused together as “Get Real,” they brought the house down with an amazing set, it was truly an incredible and wonderful way to close out our third CRSSD experience!

All in all, CRSSD FEST does not disappoint!  In fact, it excels against the odds. There is no other festival with the same sound in the entire United States. CRSSD fans are a special breed as well, creating their own culture, style, and vibe amidst a world of copycats.  This festival is just getting started, we are looking forward to seeing it grow and mature into a San Diego staple for years to come. Keep your eye’s open, soon this festival will rival the likes of Ultra for the official start of festival season.

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