Calling All FreakNight Guests Traveling from Seattle and Beyond!

Calling All FreakNight Guests Traveling from Seattle and Beyond!

If you plan on coming down to FreakNight Festival from Seattle (whether you are flying in or live there) then you NEED to consider the following:

  • The Tacoma Dome is about 40 miles away from the heart of Downtown Seattle. That’s about a 45 minute drive not estimating for traffic delays. Yikes!
  • Public transportation doesn’t run until 2 am. Let’s be real, you’ll probably will be out that late.
    Uber rides are 100% going to be surging that weekend.. It’s Halloween, duh!
  • You totally shouldn’t be driving if you’ve had anything to drink or are super exhausted from dancing all night. Let’s be safe people!

So what is the best option for getting to and from FreakNight each night???

Enter, the OFFICIAL FreakNight Seattle Shuttle!

We’ve built out a completely customized service exclusively for FreakNight Festival guests.

“We’ll pick you up in a charter bus from King Street Station, just outside of Downtown Seattle, and bring you directly to the gates of Freaknight. You don’t have to worry about driving, parking, or paying surge prices! After the event, we’ll be ready to get you back to King Street Station.” -Unity.Travel

Priced at only $55 per person for 2 full days of service, you really can’t beat it!

Plus, you get to extend your Freaknight Experience by riding with other festival guests.

So, if you plan on coming down to Freaknight Festival from the Seattle area then we highly recommend climbing aboard the official seattle shuttle!

Learn more at Unity.Travel/Freaknight-2016

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