Backwoods Festival Preview

Going to Backwoods Music Festival is like going to a whole other world. A world surrounded by music, art, lights, nature and carefree people. Located in Oklahoma along the historically famous, Route 66, Backwoods is like summer camp for adults.

Backwoods is all about the camping experience, and their campsites are more than enough to keep you entertained. They’ve got days worth of activities for everyone. I mean what other music festival venue has a lake in the middle? That means lots of water activities like swimming, rafting and fishing. They even have a 300-foot Slip-N-Slide. Camping is the only way to experience this festival so make sure you bring the marshmallows, sunscreen and your hammock. Oklahoma is warm in summertime so the lake and the shaded forest area will be perfect for cooling off during the day. Make sure to bring blankets though, because the weather does go down to the low 60s overnight. Backwoods is also offering sober camping this year for those who are traveling with families or just prefer to be in a sober environment.


What is so unique about this festival is the amount of things there are for attendees to do. This festival is much more than just music. There are learning, healing and exercise workshops available all weekend including yoga and meditation classes. There is a giant hay maze for attendees to get lost in, helicopter rides, body painting, drum circles, lakeside campfires, volleyball tournaments, massages art tours and so much more. Backwoods will surround you in culture, art, and endless fun.


Backwoods has some of the coolest stages in festival history. The main stage, The Motherland, is absolutely breathtaking. It lays in the middle of the woods in a meadow surrounded by trees and covered by stars. The main stage is built to look like a castle and it is the perfect place to find stunning lighting and effects.


There is another stage that is sure to make your childhood dreams come true. A DJ plays from above in an actual tree house, while attendees dance and run around in a meadow below. There is an enclosed air-conditioned stage, called Elevated, for those who love electronic beats. There is a lakeside stage, called Kumbaya, with more indie and acoustic sounds. There is also a stage completely made out of recycled materials called The Globe. Wander around in the woods and find Nirvana amongst all the art installations, sounds and aesthetics. You may even run into some of the circus performers that wander around there. Backwoods is all about leaving your everyday reality and discovering new things in a place that you never even knew existed.

Backwoods Music Festival showcases the best jam band, indie, folk, and electronic artists in the game. The 2016 lineup will not disappoint, featuring artists like Nero, Big Gigantic, Moe and many more. You will not want to miss all the hype beats and chill melodies that will be at this festival.


The 2016 Backwoods festival is promised to be better than ever before. Since just last year they have added so many elements in an effort to make camping and the whole festival experience more comfortable and fun. They have cleaned up the venue including the lake, and have added cleaner bigger bathrooms, more security and more activities. This year they will also have a VIP ticket options that will include sit down dinners with artists, glamping inside the venue, and elevated viewing areas.

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