AWOL Sun Festival Preview

AWOL Sun | A Unity Travel Certified Review

AWOL Sun is an epic 3-day festival that takes place in the beautiful beachside city of Tulum, Mexico.
AWOL Sun music festival gives a diverse group of people a place to enjoy their favorite electronic music while soaking up the sun as well as all of the positive energy around them.

Who hosts it

AWOL Sun is just one of the many events that the AWOL brand hosts.
The AWOL company was started in 2009 and already has grown to host 4-5 events each year including festivals, take-overs and pool parties in cities all over the U.S, Mexico and Canada.
AWOL is said to be much more than an event or a brand, it is a movement. AWOL aims to connect like-minded people and give them opportunities to connect, adventure, and celebrate life all while forming meaningful relationships with new and exciting people.

When is it

This event takes place in November, so it’s a good thing the beaches in Tulum have perfect weather practically year-round. Attending this festival is sure to cure those winter-blues and be the perfect escape from reality. AWOL Sun is a place to relax all day and party all night, so be sure to pack your bikini and your dancing shoes!

How to get to Tulum / Where to stay

AWOL Sun is making its move this year from Cancun, where the festival has been held in previous years, down the coast to Tulum. Tulum, Mexico is quickly making a name for itself as one of Mexico’s top party cities. Not only is Tulum the dream destination for a festival, it is also full of history and a great place for anyone who is adventurous to explore.
The Unity approved hotel is a beachfront resort right next to the festival grounds. The resort features luxury rooms, breathtaking views, fine dining, a large pool and a 5 star spa. The hotel is only for adults so it is sure to be a relaxing home away from home for festival-goers to socialize and recover.

Getting to Sunburn and Shuttles

Unity Travel will be offering full travel packages that will include hotel, flight and event tickets.
There will be shuttles to get you from the airport to the Kore Tulum Resort and insure you get to your happy place quickly and safely.


Since the event takes place on the beach, there is plenty of room for everyone to dance and relax. AWOL is a more intimate festival so battling through the masses shouldn’t be anything to worry about.


VIP ticket options and features are still to be announced. Visit http://www.tryawol.com/all-event-list/awol-sun/ for more recent updates and information.


The crowd at AWOL might be a little older than your typical ravers. The attendees are a diverse mix of people looking to network and have a great time. Expect to leave AWOL Sun with a lot more friends than you came with. Everyone at this festival is sure to be friendly and energetic.
The beautiful beach location will have the tropical vibes keeping the crowd and the atmosphere mellow.


Get ready for some amazing traditional Mexican dishes followed by all the margaritas and pina colada you could ever drink. Festival grounds will have a variety of food vendors and bars to choose from. The hotel for the event has multiple gourmet restaurants where fresh local seafood can be found. If you’re in the mood for something with that home-cooked flavor, you can easily venture into town and find some smaller Mexican restaurants that are sure to satisfy.

Things to Do

AWOL Sun is more than just a music festival. It is a place to let yourself feel free. It is a place to make lasting friendships with like-minded music lovers from all over the world. Festival passes will include access to group dinners, pool and after-hours parties with other AWOL attendees.
Tulum, Mexico is city full of adventure and beauty. Traveling to Tulum for the festival is sure to make for a full Mexican adventure. Activities in the area include zip lining, hiking and exploring Mayan ruins. Tulum is best known for its 13th century Mayan city that overlooks white sand beaches right on the Caribbean Sea. Festival attendees are sure to find themselves wandering around the city or diving deep into one of the natural grottos in their free time.

What makes the Festival Different

It is the people that go to AWOL Sun that make it so different from any other festival.
AWOL Sun is a festival catered for like-minded people looking to build meaningful relationships and irreplaceable memories. AWOL attendees often proudly call themselves lifers and are people who have found a family through AWOL and have really experienced another way of life. The brand aims to keep attendees connected for years to come.
AWOL is about culture, intimacy and of course, music.


AWOL Sun is sure to be the best vacation you’ve ever had. What could be better than sweat beats and beautiful sunsets with best friends?
Everyone should definitely experience this festival.

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