Announcing: Joint Venture Between Unity Travel and RollRandom

Announcing: Joint Venture Between Unity Travel and RollRandom

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A prevalent theme in dance music culture is community, and two edm-businesses are taking that theme from the dance floor to the boardroom.

Unity Travel and RollRandom® have officially launched a new joint venture. The two brands will be combining forces in order to provide a whole new set of experiences for music festival fans!

RollRandom® has built a massive community of festival goers and music lovers by connecting them on their app (available on iOS and Android). Ever wanted to connect with people going to the same music festivals, raves, undergrounds, or clubs you are going to? Ever wanted to browse the guest lists of these events and be able to hit up anyone about pre-parties, after-parties, or just locate like minded, chill people in your area that are ACTUALLY down to kick it? Well, RollRandom® has you covered.

Unity Travel is a specialized travel agency that focuses on providing hotel, shuttle, and event ticket packages for people traveling to music festivals. Their team of festival travel experts handpicks the most festival friendly hotels and then strategically designs transportation routes to get you to/from events easier.

Together, RollRandom® and Unity are giving festival fans the ultimate festival travel experience. First, connect with like-minded people via the RollRandom® App. Then, instantly view specialized travel packages through the RollRandom section of the Unity website. Many times, exclusive offers and discounts are offered directly to RollRandom® members too!

“We are really excited to be working with the RollRandom team. We make it a point to only work with other brands that are as experience-driven as we are, and RollRandom definitely is!” -Chris O. (CMO, Unity Travel)


“After seeing several posts from RollRandom members looking for hotels and roommates for every festival, it was a natural progression to partner with the best in the biz. Now RR members will be able to book their travel plans through Unity with ease right after they purchase their tix :)” -Matt (CEO, RollRandom)

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