5 “subgenres” at the Fall ’15 CRSSD Festival

5 “Subgenres” at the Fall ’15 CRSSD Festival


Who is excited for the fall edition of CRSSD Festival? We definitely are! Here are 5 “subgenres”, that include the basic and not so basic, that you should consider this CRSSD.

The Basic

We know him, we love him, and most of us have seen him. Future house is gaining popularity, and Tchami is the guy to see if you’re into that sort of thing.

Cashmere Cat + Trippy Turtle
A B2B that the fans of the two DJs would dream to see, and now their dreams will come true. With their own unique sound, they add a new vibe to the dance music scene.

The Soundcloud Influencer

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Need I say more? TEED has over 654,000 people following him on Soundcloud. That is definitely one set that you want to get there early for, and be ready to dance.

The Not So Basic

Anna Lunoe
A girl who can hang with the big boys. She can definitely hold her own in a predominately male music scene. The energy that Anna Lunoe brings to her sets is unreal. It makes you want to keep dancing, and you are having fun because she is having fun.

Maya Jane Coles
Known by many, but not by all. Another influential female in the dance music scene. She is all about that real house music. Miss her and you are missing out.

The Legend

Giorgio Moroder
This is one of those if you know, then you know kind of things. Giorgio is credited as the founder of disco, and helped pave the way for dance music today. It is rare for this 74-year-old DJ and producer to play shows in America so do not miss this possibly once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Hidden Gems

Golden Features
If you haven’t heard of him, look him up. This is one artist you do not want to miss. Plus, he wears this really cool, but kind of creepy gold mask.

Cut Snake
An Australian-duo with a “zero fucks given” attitude that are all about having a good time. This idea definitely comes through in their music, and they are perfect for the CRSSD vibes. 

Overall, CRSSD is going to be an amazing festival. Good music, good food, and good vibes all with a beautiful view. Who can really beat that?

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