2 Reasons Why Panama is Your First Music Festival Destination of 2016

2 Reasons Why Panama is Your First Music Festival Destination of 2016


We had such an amazing time at The Day After 2015 that we are giving you two HUGE reasons why this festival should be a must on your bucket list for 2016.

Panama Beach


First of all, it takes place in Panama in the heart of Latin America. Who wouldn’t want to party in Panama City for three days? TDA16 will take place at Figali Plaza in sophisticated Panama City January 15-17, 2016. The venue has a view of the harbor, and nothing beats listening to your favorite music while watching the sunset with a breathtaking view. With Panama City being a vibrant tourist destination there is plenty of other things to do as well. Come a few days early or stay a few days late to really take the time to enjoy all that Panama has to offer. Visit the Panama Canal, check out old ruins, hike and zip line through mountains and rainforests, and take on the Panama City nightlife. Traveling to The Day After is about more than just the music festival; it’s about being a pioneer, experiencing something new and going on an adventure!


Panama City



            Now we know what you’re thinking, there is no way I can afford to go to a festival in Panama; but, actually, you can. Early bird ticket prices on the Unity website start at $79. You really can’t beat that for a 3-day festival with some of the top DJs in the world performing. Unity Travel makes sure to get the most cost-effective hotels that are festival-friendly. With rates lower than Expedia, you will get the best deal available. This year, there will be two hotel options to choose from; both are in close proximity to the venue starting at $98/night. Since Unity is giving you the best bang for your buck, that leaves more money to do other activities in beautiful Panama City.


If partying in Panama sounds like something you want to do, and you’re ready for an experience of a lifetime, don’t wait and book now to start planning the adventure!

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