12 Must Do’s in Downtown Las Vegas for EDC Week

12 Must-Do’s in Downtown Las Vegas During EDC Week

From a local’s perspective

Downtown Las Vegas is a place full of Vegas history, hip bars, music and art. Get some culture while in town for EDC and avoid the madness of the strip while still partying the night away and spend some time in the downtown area.

1. The Arts District

The Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas is a perfect place for anyone who enjoys spending some time surrounded by creative people in artistic places. You’ll find art galleries, vintage shops and lots of bars with live music all over this part of town. Be sure to walk around this area and just look at all the graffiti murals that cover the walls and streets. Check out the arts factory for some more awesome galleries.


2. Container Park

Container Park is just what it sounds like, a park made out of containers. The containers are stacked on top of each other and turned into boutique shops and small restaurants. There is a stage in the center of the park with live entertainment nightly. Be sure to try a fancy drink from the old timey bar Oak and Ivy and maybe even a taco from Pinches. And no, you are not too old to play on the playground or to be scared by the giant fire-breathing preying mantis statue.


3. Park on Freemont

Park on Freemont is the perfect place for fun cocktails and cute brunch pictures. Park has a laid back vibe and a unique style. If you go through to the back of the bar you will find a cute little park area complete with fire pits and even a seesaw! Park is a great place to start the day or end the night.


4. Absinthe Downtown Cocktail Room

This downtown cocktail room is a cozy downtown bar made for conversation. It has a quiet and dimly lit atmosphere. Absinthe is well known for its quality and variety of cocktails. So if you’re into learning about and trying different alcohols you must visit this place. This bar is somewhat hard to find, even the entrance is tricky so you’ll find it is mostly locals that hang out here.


5. The Beat Coffee House and Records

The Beat is a coffee shop in the center of the down town area and the perfect place to relax and sip on your favorite drink. This coffee shop even serves alcohol. The Beat is most popularly known for its live music performances. The Beat sells records inside and connects to a maze of art galleries. This coffee shop has just the right atmosphere to talk about music and relax before a night of raging at EDC.


6. Gold Spike

Gold Spike is one of the biggest and most popular places to party and play downtown. Gold Spike has a huge bar, dance floor and outdoor area. The outside of the bar is really the place to be. They have music performances and larger than life games like trashcan beer-pong, giant Jenga, and even the very competitive game of foursquare. Gold Spike has a big variety of drinks and is a great meet up place that your whole group will enjoy.


7. Freemont Street Zip Line

What better way to see all of the famous Freemont Street than by soaring above everyone’s heads the whole length of the street? The tallest zip line is over ten stories tall and the shorter one is about seven stories. Really experience Freemont Street and try the zip line while you’re downtown. That is if you aren’t afraid of heights.


8. The Griffin

The Griffin is a really unique bar in the downtown area. It’s old-fashioned and classy in the front area and has a hidden dance party in the back. You’ll find the hipsters here next to the jukebox with a beer in hand. When you first walk inside it almost feels like you just stepped into a library at Hogwarts. There are lots of bricks, book and comfy couches. Walk down the hallway and past the bathrooms and you’ll find yourself dancing to some new music. Definitely a place worth checking out, even if you aren’t a hipster.


9. Vege Nation

Whether you’ve committed yourself to the vegetarian lifestyle or not, this is a great place to eat. You can find a lot of fresh local street foods that are delicious and will make you feel real good inside. All of the food here is 100% plant based. Vege Nation has a great vibe to it and is the perfect place to help your body recover from the activities of EDC weekend.


10. F. Pigalle

If you’re in the mood for something different for dinner this is the perfect place to go. Their fondue is out of this world. You have to make sure you try the Belgian chocolate fondue for dessert. And just how it is in France, the wine is unlimited. There is a small catch however, you have to drink it from baby bottles. Hope you planned to try new things this trip!


11. MTO Cafe

Everyone knows that a great festival day starts with brunch. Try MTO Cafe in the Downtown area. You’ll get some of that home cooked flavor while out of town at this cafe. It’s the perfect pregame spot to start the day with amazing food and bottomless mimosas of course.


12. Banger Brewing

Best. Beer. Ever. This brewery is located right on Freemont Street so it’s the perfect place to start the night. Banger has some very interesting beers on tap, even one that is so strong that you can only take a shot of it. Check out this brewery for some local and unique beers that you wont forget.


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