10 Halloween Costumes to Wear at FreakNight

10 Halloween Costumes to Wear at FreakNight

Crunchy leaves on the ground, Pumpkin Spice lattes, and knit scarves dignify one thing: Fall season is in full swing. The best part? Dressing up for Halloween of course!

The month of October has tons of music festivals approaching. Including CRSSD in San Diego, Groove Cruise in Cabo, and it wouldn’t be Halloween without it: FreakNight in Seattle.

We have teamed up with Raver Swag and put together some do-it-yourself costumes that are not only functional, but fashionable to wear to festivals for this fall season.

10. Princess Leia


The Star Wars franchise has been huge over the last year. How to stay more relevant than being Princess Leia herself? This look includes a comfortable one piece bodysuit and a fanny pack to help you hold on to all of your things, this outfit is not only functional – but everyone will want to take pictures with royalty. Don’t forget to put on your own light-show with your lightsaber!

Get items here:

  1. White GoGo Boots
  2. White Hooded Open Back Romper
  3. Knight Rider Fanny Pack
  4. Princess Leia Wig

9. Devil


The best part about Halloween is that you get to be someone else for a night, why not be your complete opposite self and go as a devil? This fun costume incorporates a sinful red top and a fun tutu that will make you want to swing around all night long. The tights will also add warmth, incase it get’s chilly.

Get items here:

  1.  Devil Horns
  2. Red Twinkle Weave Top
  3. Black Organza Tutu
  4. Power Prism Thigh Highs

8. Tourist

This is a fashionable play on your stereotypical “tourist” costume. This will not only bring a smile to people’s faces, but it’s comfortable, and you really can relax in this get-up. Add some sunblock to your nose and you’re good to go!

Get items here:

  1. Tropical Paradise Short Sleeve Suit
  2. Blue Diffraction Wayfarers
  3. Havaianas Brasil Flip Flops
  4. Green Apple Fanny Pack

7. Ballerina

This costume is for those who are graceful, delicate and romantic. A pair of nude flats will guarantee you’ll be dancing all night long. Tie your hair in a slick sock-bun and viola!

Get items here:

  1. Candy Pink Organza Tutu
  2. Ballerina Flats
  3. Silver Metallic Thigh Wraps
  4. Solid White High Cut Tank

6. Lion Tamer

Channeling Britney Spears from her “Circus” music video, this sexy get-up will keep all eyes on you. Add some black boots and you’re ready for the Circus.

Get items here:

  1. Red Long Sleeve Crop Top and High Waisted Shorts
  2. Twisted Circus Crop Whip
  3. Top Hat

5. Leelo from “The Fifth Element”

A fun twist on a cult classic. Leeloo from “The Fifth Element” is a free spirit and her iconic outfit now has a new rave spin on it.

  1. White Adjustable Crop Top
  2. Solid High Waist Strappy Bottoms
  3. Orange Bob Wig
  4. Black Fluffies

4. Misty

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been OBSESSED with Pokemon Go this summer. There is no other way to declare your love for Pokemon than being Misty herself. Tie your hair in some pig-tails and add some red sneakers and you will be ready to catch em all!

Get items here:

  1. Pokeball Crop Top
  2. Red High Top Converse
  3. Red Suspenders
  4. Low Rise Button Shorts

3. Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”

Everyones favorite Disney Princess!

Get items here:

  1. Purple Bae Mermaid Bodysuit
  2. Pearl Earrings
  3. Fingerless Mermaid Gloves
  4. Red Long Ariel Wig

2. The Joker

“Suicide Squad” was a box office hit this year. Jared Leto’s new interpretation of The Joker was intoxicating. Whether you prefer his version, or the late Heath Ledger’s version, The Joker has become an iconic standard for Halloween.

Get items here:

  1. Emerald Green Vest
  2. Joker Face Paint Kit
  3. The Royal Buffoon Suit
  4. Green Hair Spray

1. Unicorn

We are all special and unique unicorns, so why not be one literally? I am obsessed with this metallic motorcycle jacket and high waisted short combo. This showstopper will have all eyes on you.

Get Items Here:

  1. Raver Swag Unicorn Horn
  2. Holographic Denim Moto Jacket
  3. Holographic Denim Lace-up Shorts
  4. Vans Metallic Slip-on Skate Shoe

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