10 EDC hacks from a festival veteran

10 EDC hacks from a festival veteran

Summer is approaching, that means EDC Las Vegas will be here sooner than you know it. With over 100,000 attendees, it’s more than likely for some people to be stuck in a less-than-comfortable situation. To avoid the inevitable music festival conundrum, follow our festival life hacks.

10. Bring a portable phone charger

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This one should go without saying. It is 2017 and cellphones have become our life lines, especially at festivals. We need them to contact our friends if we lose them, we use them as our watches, we use festival phone apps to keep track of who is playing and what stages to go to, we also need them to take pictures and document memories. Despite this, every year, 1000’s of cell phones will die mid-festival. Take an extra portable phone charger to avoid this tragedy. Make sure it is fully pre-charged, and don’t forget your charging cord!

9.  Wear closed toed shoes

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We get it. Las Vegas is HOT. Sandals, flip flops, and ballet flats may seem like a relief from the suffocation of tennis shoes and sneakers. EDC is also known for being on the cutting edge on fashion and wearing heels or other snazzy shoes may look the best with your outfit. But you will regret it. You will be on your feet for 12+ hours, dancing, walking through crowds, walking on concrete, and standing in porta-potties. Do yourself a favor and go with practical this time. If you want to go the extra mile, bring a pair of insoles.

8. Buy merchandise first

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Although it may seem dreaded to carry your stuff around all night, it will be your best choice. EDC will sell out of exclusive gear insanely fast. To ensure you are able to get your hands on what you want, go to the merch booth as soon as you enter. Hold it in your fanny pack or backpack (which we will get to later). Also think about getting a locker, that way you can store your things without risk of damaged or stolen items. If they are expensive you can always split the price with your friends!

7. Bring a disposable camera

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Nothing beats the nostalgia of holding onto a physical picture. Bringing a disposable or polaroid camera will not only help you save a ton on your phone battery, but you will be able to relive your EDC memories on photo paper. Take them to get developed the next day and you’ll get a kick out of the moments you captured on film.

6. Go on the rides

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EDC is jammed packed so many live performances, it’s hard enough to choose who to see, especially when the unavoidable time conflict occurs. EDC is not only about the music though. It’s about the community, the lights, and the experience. Go on the ferris wheel, ride in the bumper cars, play the free carnival games at Carnival Square. EDC is an oversized playground and make the most of your night under the electric sky.

5. Bring a fanny pack

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You’re going to be out and dancing all night long, you can’t just show up empty handed. A backpack will be heavy and is invasive for the people standing behind you in the pit, and a regular purse will constrain you from dancing because it will be dangling off your shoulder, and you’ll have to make sure it doesn’t slip off. And let’s not forget about pick-pocketers, who can easily get access into a purse or backpack. A fanny pack is close and compact enough for you to fit all of your festival needs! Your cell phone, a portable charger, chapstick, credit cards, ID, and cash.

4. Eat lightly and lots of fruit

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EDC is essentially a 3 day long marathon, and you must pace yourself! Loading up on carbs and heavy foods, regardless of how delicious will make you tired, bloated and deplete you of energy. The natural sugars, proteins, mineral salts, and vitamins in water-rich fruits will not only keep you hydrated, but they will give you the much needed energy you need to dance the night away.

3. Predetermined meet up spots

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Cell phone reception at music festivals can be unreliable, and just trying to post a video to your SnapChat story can completely drain your battery. It’s inevitable that at some point a group of friends will separate, whether it’s due to being lost in the crowd, or someone splits up to catch a different performance, it’s going to happen. To ensure that you all make it out together, pick a designated spot when you first arrive, so everyone knows where to meet if they get separated from the pack.

2.  Keep hydrated

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If you only take one piece of advice from this list, this should be it. Drink water. Lots of it. Especially because there is a lot of drinking alcohol at festivals which leads to farther dehydration. This is something many people forget to do because they are preoccupied with the festival and the music. There are many ways to achieve this, so you don’t have an excuse. Find the water fountains as soon as you enter. Bring a in a portable water canteen, reusable water bottle or camel pack. Avoid sugar and alcohol because those will dehydrate you fast, and pace yourself.

1. Have Fun!
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